Andy Slater at workHowever you came here: welcome.

It feels pretentious to use my own name for a website, but as a designer/craftsperson who works in multiple areas... it seems to make sense.

I've been a model maker since my parents first allowed me to use sticky tape and round nosed scissors... getting on for five decades ago.

I've come a long way since then and now use computer controlled machinery as well as a plethora of power and hand tools (including pointy scissors), for cutting, grinding, polishing, casting, soldering and so on. I work with wood, metals, leather, paper, plastics and gemstones. I am metal-smith, painter and sculptor (using both additive and subtractive media). I do casting in metal and resin, do hot, warm and cold glass work, and dabble with electronics, clockwork, and mechanical devices. Basically, if it falls within the realms of "crafts", then I've probably at least dabbled with it, and use it in some of my projects. I like to play... and on a good day... I get paid for it too! ;-)

My shop on this site offers an assortment of jewellery and other decorative items that I have made. The information section is a work in progress and describe some of my influences and techniques, background, and past projects.

I also create components for terrain modellers which I make available via These are mostly laser cut but include some items cast in white metal.

Finally, this site is maintained by me using Content Management System (I've been programming since 1980) that I wrote, and continue to maintain, for my own benefit and that of a small number of clients. You can find out more about the CMS at