Foam Projects

Back in 2008 I spent a couple of months on a number of projects to help demonstrate the potential of Hot Wire Foam Factory tools to the UK market after assisting HWFF in finding a UK distributor and testing CE power supplies.

These were subsequently written up as articles which appeared on the Hobbys website until they changed it in 2010 and stopped using them. As I retained the copyright I thought I'd re-publish them here.

Some images and info still feature on the HWFF website. The "Working With Foam" article also featured in the 2009 edition of Hobbys annual. The articles appear here as I originally wrote/designed them. As implied earlier, the idea was to demonstrate and inspire rather than show off my own model making abilities, so the projects vary in terms of the level of skill required to complete them and some were written up my by (now ex) wife in order to make the point that these tools are not just boys toys.


Other Work

Although most of my endeavours of late relate to jewellery making, I have worked, and continue to work, in other areas. If you enjoyed this page, you might find some of these interesting:

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