Laser Cutting

Prior to my purchase of a laser cutter in March 2009 I scoured the web for information, hints and tips on using one, etc. Although I found a few scattered snippets of information there was no sign of the body of useful information I had hoped for. So I created a section on my website to keep track of what I learned, both so I could refer back to it, and also in the hope that it would benefit others.

It has to be said, that the machines have moved on, as has the amount of information available on the web. Basic machines (equivalent to mine) from China, are now able handle A4 material, and come with a much better controller and software, than when I bought mine. So some of the information here is perhaps no longer relevant; just a trip down memory lane for us oldies and something to taunt the young bloods about how easy they have it today. ;-)


The pages about my laser cutter have links to a number of sites where I've obtained software, parts, however there are a couple of sites that I'd like to bring your attention before moving on:

The first is the Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine forum at CNCZone, where you will find useful info amongst the forum threads, plus a bunch of people who can help with problems. Over the years I have helped a many people who have contacted me via my site... but I am increasingly finding that the knowledge I have regarding my "antique" machine, is not relevant to their brand new one.

The second site I want to ling to is imajeenyus. Lindsay (who owns it) asked me a few questions about my machine before taking the plunge himself... and quickly overtook me in terms of the interesting things he's done with it, especially his modifications to the basic spec. His site is well worth checking out if you are interested in making modifications.

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