I have made, and have a few ideas for, modifications to my laser cutter, and will describe them here in the hope that the information will be useful to others. Please note however that I cannot accept any liability for anything that might occur as a result of using this information. Use your own judgement and stay within the bounds of your own capabilities.

Power Indicator

The fact that the power control knob turns through 10 rotations is convenient for recording settings in terms of the number of turns. However it's a nuisance in terms of not being able to tell where it's set just by looking at it. (read more.)

CNC & Mach 3

In addition to the laser cutter I have a micro mill that I wanted to convert to CNC using Mach 3. Then I discovered that I could do the same conversion on my laser cutter. (read more.)

Air Assist & Fume Extraction

I've grouped air assist and fume extraction together because the way I see it, they're both about getting vapour/fumes away from where the work is being done. (read more.)

Bed Size Increase

The stated dimensions are 210x205mm but I'd like, and think I can get, more. (read more.)


My laser cutter came with a metal honeycomb panel on which to cut things but I replaced it with a pin-bed. (read more.)

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